Camphill solar PV

Our partnership with Camphill has led to a 50kWp solar array and an in-depth energy efficiency survey and recommendations.

Wyvern Primary School

Wyvern School in Wolverton benefit from Energy Efficient Lighting.

280 kWp of solar PV

We’ve helped MK Community Foundation install 280 kWp of solar PV at their Burners Lane property in Kiln Farm.

Welcome to Wolverton Community Energy.

We are working with individuals and businesses in Wolverton and the wider Milton Keynes area to help them become more energy efficient and to reduce the amount of carbon they use. We take a long-term view – our ultimate aim is to help our community reach carbon net zero.

We have a strong track record and have already completed a number of successful projects. We are currently exploring a range of other ways to harness renewable energy sources – from solar PV installations to hydro, and from biomass to LED lighting retrofits.

We fund our capital expenditure by offering opportunities to investors who are looking for commercial rates of return but want to make a difference to local communities too. You can register an interest in our next investment opportunity now.

We aim to invest 50% of our profits back into the local community, with a particular focus on relieving fuel poverty for the most vulnerable.

Our work is supported by partnerships with a diverse number of groups. We also work closely with Future Wolverton Limited, a community-led organisation that has been delivering benefits for local people since 2002.

Recent Projects

We are working in partnership with the National Energy Foundation on a retrofit campaign for homeowners across the Milton Keynes City Council area. Funded by the Milton Keynes Council, this will provide Smart HTC heat loss assessments, and Whole House Plans, provided to PAS 2035 standards. We will also be supporting community energy advice events across the City.

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