We work with a wide range of individuals, businesses and voluntary and community organisations to explore opportunities to generate renewable energy and to use the resources we have in more efficient ways. This includes property owners, landowners, and private and public sector organisations.

We are seeking to address fuel poverty for individuals and households that are in most need of our support, such as older people, those with chronic illness or young families. We work with existing organisations to ensure that we reach those who are most in need.

We focus on those projects that will have long-term impacts and will deliver benefits into the future for individuals, businesses or for the broader community, rather than providing a short-term fix. So for example we would seek to reduce a householder’s overall bill by making their home more fuel efficient, rather than simply helping to meet the costs of a single fuel bill.


Completed Projects

Energy Efficient Lighting at Wyvern School

We worked with Pure Leapfrog and the British Airways Carbon Fund to install £20,000 of LED lighting at Wyvern School. The new lighting will cut the school’s lighting bills by around 50%. However, the benefits are not only financial. There is increasing evidence that LED lighting also has a positive impact on children’s learning.

Hard to heat homes

Home Insulation in Hard-to-Heat Homes

Following a grant from The Steel Fund, we installed floor and wall insulation in hard to heat homes in Wolverton. We were also able to fund LED lighting in association with AGE UK.


Solar PV at Burners Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes

We have been delighted to work with MK Community Foundation, installing 280 KW of solar PV at their Burners Lane property in Kiln Farm.

Burners Lane is home to a range of charities, social enterprises and private businesses, many of whom are keen to keep their energy costs to a minimum in order to maximise the benefit they can give back to the wider community.


Solar PV at Camphill Milton Keynes

Founded in 1981, Camphill Milton Keynes provides support and a meaningful working life for adults with a wide range of learning difficulties. Over fifty residents live together with volunteer staff in ten separate households. Together the residents, volunteers and employees form a community of over one hundred people living on several sites on the neighbouring housing estates of Pennyland and Willen Park.

Our partnership with Camphill has so far involved installing 50 KW of solar PV on their Willen Park village, and an in-depth energy efficiency survey and recommendations. We continue to explore renewable heating options for the site.

Stony Stratford Library

Solar PV for the Stony Stratford Library and Council Offices

We have installed 20kW of solar PV on the roof of the Stony Stratford Library and Council building.

Projects in Development

Solar PV at The Old School

Solar PV at The Old School

We are working with Future Wolverton to install solar PV on the newly regenerated Old School community building in Old Wolverton road.

Solar Farms

Solar Farm Feasibility Studies

We continue to explore the feasibility of building solar farms on suitable local sites. Using the latest available generation and storage technology, we are very close to being able to build viable farms. We are grateful to the Rural Community Energy Fund for their support.

Wolverton Agora Microgrid

Fossil Fuel Free Energy Microgrid

We have led the feasibility study into incorporating a renewable energy microgrid for the 100 home Agora regeneration as part of the Love Wolverton project (with the developers Town).