Our aim is to work with local people to change the way they think about, use and generate energy. We have completed a number of projects already and are currently exploring a range of different ways to harness renewable energy sources – from solar PV installations to hydro, and from biomass to LED lighting retrofits. Core to our vision is not just generating renewable energy, but also managing energy efficiency on-site to reduce usage, costs and carbon.

We work with tenants, property owners, landowners and both private businesses and public sector organisations.

So for example we work with property owners who have properties that are suitable for installing solar PV. We install the panels and implement other energy efficiency measures, all at no cost. This reduces running costs and improves the property’s eco credentials. It also enhances the property’s electrical infrastructure, as well as helping property owners to meet the minimum energy efficiency legislation, which came into force in 2018.

We work with businesses to help them reduce their energy consumption. This may include, for example, undertaking an initial EPC appraisal and using technology to provide data on consumption that we can analyse. We then provide bespoke plans for each business to help them reduce their usage and we plan and oversee investment in efficiency measures.

We work with landowners who have access to natural resources that could be used to create energy, including hydro and solar energy. We would undertake initial feasibility studies and advise landowners of the most effective way to use their resources to generate energy and improve their energy efficiency.

And to support these initiatives we provide opportunities for private investment. The next opportunity to invest is coming soon.

If you have an idea for a project and would like to discuss this with us, please get in touch.

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